Merci Mme. Marois

Schadenfreude is fun and all, and Marois was far from perfect, but let’s not forget a few things:

  1. She was our provinces first woman premier. I’m sure there were many glass ceilings that she had to break through to get there.
  2. She served the public for almost 35 years!
  3. She shut down the shameful practice of asbestos mining in Quebec.
  4. She was instrumental in implementing universal daycare.
  5. She was a strong defender of the rights of women.

Yeah, she had lots of faults too. Her charter of values was a terrible embarrassment to our province — She was une vieille matante and had pretty shitty xenophobic views – but I can list a bunch of people in my family who are the same (if not worse). I wouldn’t project the hate on them that she’s getting now.

Anyway, since she’s paying a pretty high price for her faults, maybe she should also get some credit for her accomplishments.

Just a thought.

Merci Mme Marois pour ton service exemplaire. Nous vous souhaitons une excellente et très longue retraite.

Now, back to Schadenfreude…

Pauline Marois - D̶é̶terminée
Pauline Marois – D̶é̶terminée

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