PQ ‘secularism’ statement

So, the PQ says that they want to ban overt religious signs in public service. Now, generally, I’m all for government staying completely out of any sort of religion in any and every way, shape or form. However, I strongly suspect that this is just the PQ showing their xenophobia once again. I submit this as evidence:

A cross in the Quebec National Assembly

I think what they really meant to say is that they wanted to block any religious symbols by those other religions (you know, the ones that the brown people les ethniques follow). Clearly this is the PQ trying to cater to the Quebec rednecks, letting them know that they will stick up and protect the French White Catholic tradition culture.

Update: One doesn’t have to go very far for evidence of the PQ’s xenophobia, other than the infamous ‘votes ethniques‘ statement by Jacques The Bigot Parizeau himself. Here’s a recent Montreal Gazette article by Quebec affairs columnist Don Macpherson.

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