Hello (again) world!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had a professional blog, (back when I was working for Terra Soft and managing YDL.net in fact) and my own website was worse than terrible. It’s ironic, because I was too busy building medium and large web systems for universities, SMBs and ISPs to actually keep my own site up to date. I still wish I had it, because I used it as a place to store tidbits of things I needed to do fairly infrequently, but then would have to look them up every time. Tons of little things like this link that my friend Rich Lafferty (@mendel) shared on Twitter recently. I’ll probably dig up the archives of my old blog and slowly put some of them back and pre-date them to their original post date. So, while this is my ‘first post’ under this new blog, there will be posts that pre-date this.

I’ve often got things I’d like to share, or better still, discuss with other sysadmin friends, and Facebook doesn’t seem to do it for professional content, or for things that are worth keeping around – everything get lost in Facebook’s firehose way too quickly.

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